Clara Apollo is a fully qualified Qigong and Reiki practitioner, and has been working in the field of energy cultivation for over 20 years. She took over the fast growing Conscious Living Events in 2016 and runs a successful radio show 'Chi Time Radio' that focuses on mindfulness and the challenges that we face today. Clara's mission is to encourage you to use your energy wisely, and in turn enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Upcoming training, workshops and seminars


Learn classic Chi Kung/Qigong movements to unwind and disperse tension, anxiety and fear, creating space to gather new vitality. Your standing becomes a sturdier support, your moves more graceful and your mind reveals its clarity. Your overall system becomes stronger and more resilient.

Easier to access meditation after a good Chi Kung/Qigong session..

Sunday Sessions

At the Natural Health Hub Lymington – 9.45am-5pm
Sept 17 Foundation and Flow
Oct 15 Breathe into Healing
Nov19 Release and Restore
Dec 10  Refine your Balance

Primordial Qigong Sunday Sessions

At The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth 9.45am-5pm
November 12
January 28

Train with Masters

Master Ken Cohen returns to the UK in 2018
June 27/28/29 – Burley New Forest for another 3 day training.
See here for more information Yi Quan 3 day Intensive
July 6/7/8 – Newbold House, Forres Scotland Primordial Qigong.
More details coming soon

Walking Meditation Video

Take a few minutes to let Clara guide you through a deeply relaxing walking meditation, filmed in the beautiful New Forest on a summers afternoon

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Nature ~ Friend or Foe?

9th July 2017

In the chi/qi-zone, we engage the rooting down protocol to keep us connected to Mother Earth to ensure body harmonising and safe support to access spiritual realms. Most of us respond so well to being around bird song and trees, or at the beachside, in gardens, forests and other natural terrain. So why can surrendering […]

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