Clara Apollo is a qualified Chi Kung and Reiki practitioner, and has been working in the field of energy cultivation and meditation for over 20 years. She took over the fast growing Conscious Living Events in 2016 and has a successful radio show 'Chi Time Radio' that focuses on mindfulness and the challenges that we face today. Clara's mission is to encourage you to use your energy wisely, and in turn enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

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And still, I Rise
18th February 2017   Read more

Coincidences, signifiers of being on track, keeping us onwards, promoting more radical trust more and more and I continue forging this pathway of the freedom warrior, the not-putting-up-with-this-bullshit babe! It is a path lit with true shining souls, particularly women. Women supporting women, women recognising themselves in the other, women who want more & more […]

Upcoming training, workshops and seminars


March 1st’20 minutes MAX’ – Evening talk in Bournemouth for Conscious Living Events


March 5th – 9.45am-5pm Bournemouth – WuChi, the place to BE, the stance of primal energy.
April 1/2 – 9.45am-5pm New Forest – The Dantien, the 3 Treasures.
May 6/7 – 9.45am-5pm New Forest – Balancing your Act.
June 3/4 – 9.45am-5pm New Forest – Central Channels.

April 29th – World Tai Chi Qigong Day

August 31 – Sept 5 – Qigong RETREAT. France, details falling into place very soon.

Train with Masters


With Tracey Ash; Internationally respected author, researcher and teacher
March 28th –  5D Reality Revolution for Conscious Living Events Open evening with  Meditation and Qigong Q’s & A’s.
May 13th/14th – Glastonbury Seminar. Connect in with the Magdalene Line and its super power places.
June 23rd/24th/25th – Master Teacher Ken Cohen coming to Bournemouth for a Primordial Qigong weekend training, followed by a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. More information here
October 7th/8th – Stonehenge Seminar. Practice within the Stone Circle, huge Chi potency.