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‘Uplift your energy practice for true vitality’

New Chi Kung/Qigong Practitioner Training

One Day Workshops
Venue – Perkins Youth Hall – New Forest. 10.00am – 5pm
Sunday September 11 – Explore naturally calm movement and meditation
Perfect to come and try a retreat-style Chi Kung and meditation day session.
  • Support your de-stressability and upgrade your natural vitality.
Introducing the fundamentals of true Chi Kung, connecting to relevant elements for an enhanced experience.
Saturday October 8 – Creating chi spheres ~ circular movements, sphere forms and meditation (Air)
Saturday November 5 – Conscious Creativity and true Mind-less-ness (Wood & Metal)
Saturday December 3 – balancing opposites to notice the portal mid-point of power (Fire & Water)
Designed to flow from one to the next, you are encouraged to attend in the order they are offered for your utmost chi-full experience.

Reiki Chi Kung/Qigong One Day Workshop

Venue – Perkins Youth Hall – New Forest

Sunday November 20.  10.00am – 5pm

Are you a Reiki practitioner fascinated by healing energy – chi/qi/ki? It’s spelling does not change your experience.

These two approaches are deeply linked by the natural healing directive at the centre of us all.

Clara says; ‘By studying both disciplines – with different teachers, in a similar time frame – I was inspired to follow the naturally flowing Chi Kung as it synergised so gracefully with Reiki healing heart sense. Very meditative,  often creating a shamanic scenario of other worldly wisdom, gifting healing all the way through the layers of being. It opened a personal enquiry about movement, meditation and natural healing, guiding me to use Chi Kung to feel safely grounded, clearing tension from my system to be a free channel for Reiki and other forms of light healing chi. I was, and still am, learning how to support my body whilst bringing healing through for others’.

From this realisation and consequent continued approach, I was better resourced. Clients needed less sessions to access their healing.

This is a truly potent way to increase your capacity to let Reiki flow through you and encourage clients to find their healing abilities too. Several of the key Chi Kung principles can be shared onwards to encourage self care and increase awareness.

For all the above, space is limited so enquire earlier than later to ensure possibility of attendance. 

One 2 One

In person/online

I am available for private sessions in person, when in your vicinity, or online from anywhere you are.

Please use the contact form at the top.

Train with Masters

Barefoot Doctor & Ken Cohen are coming to Bournemouth!

Barefoot Doctor brings his wealth of Martial Arts/Acupuncture/psychotherapeutic wisdom for a Day Workshop ‘The Power of Kindness – a form of self defence’.
Sunday November 13. Venue – Ocean View Hotel – Bournemouth. 10.00am-5.00pm

See more here The Power of Kindness

Master Professor Kenneth Cohen comes to Bournemouth next year for a Primordial Qigong weekend training, followed by a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.
June 23/24/25  Venue – Ocean View Hotel.

More information coming VERY SOON.



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Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo

With over 20 years’ experience working with Chi Kung, Reiki, Meditation & Colour, Clara has coached a wide range of people to use their energy wisely to enhance their overall health. Her mission to share is that real power can be gathered from true nourishment, deeply guided by nature & giving space for internal ‘listening' can lead to finding your inner wise guru. Awareness of what helps build your chi & what uses it up is a fundamental practice for balancing your act in these changing times.


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