Soul Storying with Tim Freke

    25th April 2017   Read more

    “I chose to launch my new book SOUL STORY with Conscious Living Events, because I knew they would lay on a truly magical evening. Clara Apollo and her wonderful team are the perfect hosts. As well as efficiently taking care of the organisational side of things, so that we had a great venue and a […]

    And still, I Rise

    18th February 2017   Read more

    Coincidences, signifiers of being on track, keeping us onwards, promoting more radical trust more and more and I continue forging this pathway of the freedom warrior, the not-putting-up-with-this-bullshit babe! It is a path lit with true shining souls, particularly women. Women supporting women, women recognising themselves in the other, women who want more & more […]

    What is success?

    15th January 2017   Read more

    From the ‘sweet smell of’ to the ‘if at first you don’t…’ mantra instilled into us as children, success is a many faceted fellow and as such requires a healthy dose of perception to percolate it’s honest truth. To be seen to be successful is quite different to feelings of personal success. How many stories do […]

    Magic £5’er ~ Charity begins with you

    16th November 2016   Read more

    It was suggested somewhere that when we received our first new shiny £5 note to donate it to charity – where this is indeed a commendable act, I also believe that charity can begin at home. I saw a video where one was being used to play an old record, I’d like to try & play […]

    Kindness, not just for one day.

    1st October 2016   Read more

    Coincidence speaks – and why  Barefoot Doctor is my first speaker for Conscious Living Events. On trawling through suitable images that invoke Kindness to assist the promotion of a Conscious Living Event (CLE) with Barefoot Doctor, this image popped up! Why is that strange? Our “Power of Kindness – a form of self defence” Day […]

    Conscious Living is coming!

    30th July 2016   Read more

      Would you believe that following an out of the blue offer, just as I returned to the UK  last May, I am amazed and can share with you now, that I am in training to become an events organiser?! Not for any old event company either, only the south coast’s premier, Conscious Living Events! I […]

    Conscious Writing

    17th April 2016   Read more

    Are we all writing more? What with blog & social media posts requiring our play with and on words to fizzle up readers through a moment of enticement, to share salient observations, in the flow of life. We can be both entranced by and challenged to be able to effectively transpose ideas into suitably expressive words […]

    Balancing belief

    29th March 2016   Read more

    How us humans love to experience the drama-pull of extremes, they do seem to be more intense and so we feel them much more than the middle ground – it makes us feel more alive maybe? Whereas to be in the middle, in balance, like this beautifully plumed bird illustrates, a-straddling a tree, is where […]

    Stars ~ not just for Christmas

    15th February 2016   Read more

    Reconnection and recollection. As you may know, I’ve been on a marathon de-clutter for the last 18 months, including giving up a permanent home until recently, which has given me many opportunities to choose whether I wish to keep saved items and believe me, it is a gradual yet mighty process. Yes some things had […]

    Happy New Chi’er!

    31st December 2015   Read more

    We are at a pivotal time on our planet, this festive season has had many of us questioning the old behaviours of Christmas’ past adopting a new view on how we can make a different for our future on our people troubled planet. One of the words of last year that came up time and […]

    Life Loves You – Robert Holden

    14th September 2015   Read more

    photo ©Louise Jolley It was an honour and privilege to be been asked by my dear friend and organiser of Conscious Living Events, Claire Quartel, to host the evening in Bournemouth there on the 24 August 2015 with Robert Holden Ph.D, as she was unable to be there after the recent passing of  her dear […]

    The Art of Self-Care

    15th August 2015   Read more

    This article I typed together last weekend for the Positive Psychology People as I was basking in the opportunity of space for self-care, ahhh… My brother and misses had gone out for the day and left me with their 4 sleeping dogs lying around their opulent rustic cottage on a very sunny day. The Art […]

    Healing Weekend – Somerset

    2nd July 2015   Read more

    Elaine Fenton the superb heart centred event organiser has this to say about her awesome gathering of some of the key healing people in the South of the UK, and a few from up country! ‘The Healing Weekend has grown from a strong root, and with your love and support will continue to do so. […]

    Dojo of Summer Days 2015

    30th June 2015   Read more

    Forest Glade To enhance self-practice on the road, between homes, on my travels across the South of the UK, I have set myself a quest of finding a Chi Kung, Yoga and Mediation practice space – a Dojo of the Day, preferably for the morning but early afternoon is serving as good back-up. Yes I […]

    Positive Chi = Vitality

    7th June 2015   Read more

    I often get asked ‘What is Chi?’ Fair play, it’s a word that is spelt varying ways, Qi, Ki, Prana, all pointing to the invisible but essential universal life force energy, central to your very existence. Here is an article I wrote for the Positive Psychology People regarding the buoyant quality of Chi and how […]

    Rosy Wisdom from old garden homes

    27th May 2015   Read more

    The day after completing the Rose Alchemy Therapist course with Sandra Marie Humby (see I am house sitting in my old home town of Lymington, around which I walked amongst the holiday-makers and went to visit my last official home, an apartment in a tall house, where the little garden is accessible from the […]

    Why your natural chi is more likely to ‘give you wings’ than a can of red bull!

    19th May 2015   Read more

    Their title not mine! But it made me smile as to how headlines grab your attention, hence why they are called Headlines..straight in a line though your eyes to your head! Thanks Soul and Spirit magazine, out now 🙂 I am infiltrating the media with talks of chi, as I want to share some natty […]

    Summer Re-treating (real treats)

    4th May 2015   Read more

    In one months time it will be the first evening of our New Forest Elemental Chi Kung Summer retreat. We’re heading up to Suffolk at the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre from June 1-4 and I cannot wait! I am so ready for a deeply resourcing time..are you? In talking with the retreat centre owner, Jo […]

    Ged Sumner on Chi Kung et al

    2nd September 2014   Read more

    It was about time I made this available to you. Ged Sumner is my original Chi Kung teacher and about a year ago I met him in London on Waterloo station and had a new microphone which I had obviously not mastered the art of, hence why the recording never made it onto the broadcast […]

    Summer Chi Kung Real-treat

    25th June 2014   Read more

    Happy Summer Chi explorers! We are gearing up for our Chi Kung retreat in Austria on the 18-22 of August. Heres a lovely photo Lothar took on his recent visit there setting things up to be sure it all runs smoothly for us. I know that some of you are planning to make a road trip […]

    Chi Time – Festival Vibes

    14th June 2014   Read more

    Another welcome Chi Time break in your ever demanding and rewarding schedule of life and times.. In with a Naked News bulletin is Naked Dragon‘s Julie Bryant reporting on the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London the other week, and a delightful unfolding of the story behind Rest Festival in Wiltshire with Jenna Presley. Then, with […]

    Reiki, Chakras & Intuition

    28th May 2014   Read more

    Many of us have experienced Reiki, those who have trained in the ancient healing art may well have WILLIAM LEE RAND on their lineage, I have, so it was an honour to talk with him when he was in Glastonbury as he usually resides in America where his Center for Reiki Training beams a huge […]

    Chi Time – Meditation

    4th May 2014   Read more

    At last a whole show devoted to MEDITATION Ommmm… With two modern-day monks and a dragon goddess 🙂 SANDY NEWBIGGING, ROBERT GEBKA & JULIE BRYANT. The wisdom in this hours worth of Chi Time is well worth your time to listen in and take note whether a seasoned practitioner or relative newcomer. There are range […]

    Chi Time – The Spring Green Shaman

    15th April 2014   Read more

    This edition of your Chi Time is delving into one of my most favourite subjects, Shamanism with urban shaman Anna Hunt and then with added awesomeness a local invitation from Chi Time regular Jackie Deakin to join the Conversations with God connector, Neale Donald Walsch in Bournemouth in May. Anna Hunt is a Master – […]

    From London to the Forest

    6th February 2014   Read more

    Born and bred in southern Hampshire, United Kingdom, movement, music and expression were a part my life from an early age, initially through ballet dancing, where my Grandmother accompanied us on the old piano. I remember in those days having already considered becoming a ballet teacher when I grew up; I was in awe of […]