Soul Storying with Tim Freke

“I chose to launch my new book SOUL STORY with Conscious Living Events, because I knew they would lay on a truly magical evening. Clara Apollo and her wonderful team are the perfect hosts. As well as efficiently taking care of the organisational side of things, so that we had a great venue and a good crowd, they also created a beautifully relaxed and uplifting environment in which I could share some deep ideas. This meant that together we could give everyone who came an inspiring evening to remember.”

T!M FREKE: Bestselling author of Deep Awake and Soul Story

Right from the get go this was set to be an astonishing event. T!m is renowned for his expert delivery of philosophical information in a way that flicks lights on brightening minds and hearts. A truth trafficker in a market place of mostly misleading tosh, with an engaging story telling style and techniques to ensure we get it for real. T!m has written over 30 best selling titles and offers training and retreats around the world.

This evening was the launch of his most significant book to date ‘Soul Story’, an epically informed roll around emergent spirituality and the consequent observation of evolution throughout all levels of existence and understanding. Our souls are in crisis, modern day spirituality is in a mess, how can we develop our light with so much deception and pseudo ‘experts’ in the mix?

T!m Freke is your man.

He delivers salient information, like how the now moment is made up of time’s accumulation meeting the potential of the possible and how we live in spirit imaginings that are made manifest, all helping us to create a new canvas of bang up to date reality to work and play with. T!m entertainingly ensures his findings land with good, wise, adroit humour with pertinent information that upholds his discourse, discussing any questions with inquisitive finesse.

Collating eons of experience across varied fields of gnosticism and ancient cultured spirituality, T!m talked about the individuation of soul and the past pull of pastivity – the weight of the accumulated past that pulls us back to more primitive levels of emergence. He is such a word-smith, which I love, creating new ones to help explain this developing area of research and experience, all listed in a glossary at the end of his book.

One of my favourites is psychosymbiosis – the symbiotic relationship between a soulstream and somastream that arrises when the soul re-incarnates.
Soulstream being a highly emergent time stream that experiences the soul dimension, for example you and I.
Somastream being the human body understood as a type of lifestream.

T!m goes into explaining the widely accepted incorrect description of the beginning of our universe as a ‘big bang’, renaming it as a ‘moment zero’ as this is when time began; as he says it was not big and there was no bang as there were no ears to hear any kind of sound that may have been produced anyway. A fascinating approach that makes so much sense and yes he was running from one side of the room to the other with animated delivery and such fun!

T!m is a rich source of the kind of information we need these days to help us understand what we are actually doing in our lives, safely stepping away from the dysfunction of un-joined-up thinking most of our world rides with, to a more informed perspective of what to consider for our ongoing progress as individuals and as a collective. We now know there is way more to life than meets the eye and our curious natures lead us to teachers like T!m for a truth that resonates in the great barometer of our hearts. Therein lies the quest. What is true to you? Soul Story will assist your fervent search and have you becoming a champion for what is soulfully right and true for you, all the Way through.

We finished with a truly sweet moment of collective hand held soul beauty and I remember being at one of his first talks for Conscious Living Events several years ago now, where his taking us through a group heart centred process truly connected the delicious chi of the moment with each and everyone who was there – knowing the ripple effect would continue to work its magic as we unfurl ourselves further in this honest to goodness way of true being.

His end of talk pronouncement is so utterly on it that I will leave it to you to find that out from either reading this essential book or getting to see him in action.

He sums up the whole process with this succinct sentence;

“Life is good, Death is safe and what really matters is Love”

See more on Tim’s website

To see more photos go to Tim’s past event

To buy Soul Story click here:

What is success?

From the ‘sweet smell of’ to the ‘if at first you don’t…’ mantra instilled into us as children, success is a many faceted fellow and as such requires a healthy dose of perception to percolate it’s honest truth. To be seen to be successful is quite different to feelings of personal success. How many stories do we hear of people who appeared to be successful and yet were deeply unhappy, stressed, even suicidal? How many other stories have we read of folk who have walked away from a supposed successful life to find that simple things can be the most favourable.

Success is generally assumed to be a reflection of prosperity, abundance in some form or another. Joyful & triumphant? Living in luxury, owning expensive accoutrements, a rich life of ease, comfort and yes back to joy.

Personally, I have learned that success is less of an outward show, more an inward know. How did I get to this? Experience. My ‘success’ at running a training school for many years actually lead to burnout, due to being the sole person in charge of all aspects of the business. My most favourite piece was actually on the floor, forest or studio, sharing what I have found works for me and the responses from students as they had their true experiences to steady them on. Yet, too much time seemed to disappear on admin tasks, then website requirements, social media, video requests, so much to give – give – give and all from a tidy pot of what looked from the outside to be success. Yes I always paid rent on time, the obvious bills, ran a car, ate good quality food, but eventually choose to give up this method of working, because I had failed to take care of myself. This screamed at me and had to become a priority, for without me, well, my business cannot function successfully, nor any other aspect of my life. I am in the natural energy medicine arena, so this was somewhat embarrassing and of paramount importance. I needed space and time to review and reappraise, how – I wondered – will this be possible?

I needed to free up having to earn a certain amount to make ends meet and keep my head above water. What was the biggest source of currency snaffling? My home. Long story short, I did it, I gave up having a permanent home nearly 3 years ago and lived in friends spare rooms, became a trusted house sitter for others and was then free to live in another country too when that opportunity beckoned, something I had wished for but had no idea how to make happen. This brought up a whole slew of issues too many to mention here and remember way back when my son was very small, there were days I would think how can I do anything else but take care of him? The realisation came that to get him & me through a whole day safely, in clean clothes (within reason) fed, watered and loved was enough of a success to start with and that anything on top of that was a bonus. I came back to that, true self care = the foundation for success.

Can we be successful without a succession of failures? Do we know what success really is? Can we trust the pull of success to deliver what we think it will? So many points of enquiry, a key topic to concern oneself with. May I ask you?

What do you do to engender your success? How does it feel to be successful?

The feeling for me is the peace of landing after a good day of tasking, and then on days when I’m not so fruitful, accepting that by being here I survived, I made it through another day, success!

And remember we are all winners, that one sperm that pierced our egg won above all the others, we have that chi at our core, we are already successful because we are here & now in this miracle of existence.

To be continued…



Magic £5’er ~ Charity begins with you

It was suggested somewhere that when we received our first new shiny £5 note to donate it to charity – where this is indeed a commendable act, I also believe that charity can begin at home.

I saw a video where one was being used to play an old record, I’d like to try & play music with mine too, if only I still had a record deck and access to my vinyl collection – now residing with my son, who in fact alerted me the very fact that you can indeed use a fresh crisp new plastic £5’er and play a song. True! Wait for it..

Got me to remembering how I used to rely on my stash of collected ‘Magic £5’ers’ to get me a massage treat or occasional raiding for a bottle of wine plus fuel to get to the shop!

Back in my single parenting days, I had little spare dosh to spend on just me. I had an idea, spawned from a beckoning rainbow coloured envelope, daring me to save a note or two, just for me. Yes I’d had saved £1 before, but these are bulky, usually on display in a jar, so easily dip in-able. My dare was to have a look in my wallet at the end of the day, and if a £5’er had made it unused, I would slide it into the rainbow envelope, itself hiding, slinked between two books on the shelf.

When we place our attention on something, that energy grows, as I tuned into the appreciation of the collecting notes, this actually helped them increase, becoming a portal of positive opportunity which gradually grew into a sum I could exchange for something that I longed for, usually a massage! When I had enough for a treatment I would gaily count the notes, bundle them back into my wallet to exchange for more than pleasantries and still leave one note left in the rainbow envelope, containing the attraction magic for others to be drawn in. A tiny Citrine stone aided and abetted this process, I also keep one in my walk-about wallet too.

I appreciated the representation of what the notes were doing for me and began to alter my relationship with money, well, Magic £5’ers. I started to save them in said wallet, folding them away from the spending side, opting to not buy something as wished to add another £5’er to my growing collection.

I’d arrange payment for cash goods to include my receiving a £5 in change 🙂  My approach to self value was shifting. There was a physical place in my life with a focus on remunerative appreciation, this was new to prioritise me equally to the needs of my growing bountiful boy, in this one instance and I had made a game out of it; it wasn’t about loving money, it was and is about its facilitatory action. Subconsciously I saw a growing faith in me to provide for myself, a new pattern of green note seeds accruing towards a positive goal. I even saved up for some trainings this way and certain excursions around the ‘Charity Boutiques’.

However small the initial effort, the more defined the pattern became, it gradually grew in my consciousness, reflected externally by the gathering notes.

I have often shared versions of this story to people who have challenges of a similar kind and even now a minimum exchange can be for a ‘Magic £5’er’. There is a sparkle of magic in this game and I’m sad that the new note has missed the opportunity to have at least one 5-pointed star on it, let alone the numerological associations of it.

Be your own charity – invest in something to enhance your own inner way.

See the new note playing a pertinent tune here.

Magic £5’er plays vinyl record

Conscious Writing

Are we all writing more? What with blog & social media posts requiring our play with and on words to fizzle up readers through a moment of enticement, to share salient observations, in the flow of life. We can be both entranced by and challenged to be able to effectively transpose ideas into suitably expressive words that resonate well.

Julia McCutchen is here to assist. As a successful ex-publisher on the self-awareness circuit, she has had plenty of experience harnessing and promoting authors expressions. Then, when after a life-changing accident, she gradually rebuilt her life to be more consciously awakened, realising her calling was to do so much more than run a thriving book business. She is now an author, mentor, coach and all round ambassador for top quality creative writing and has set up the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers

Hot off my conscious writing press (note pad plus iPad) following a days workshop with Julia at another superb Conscious Living Event in sunny Bournemouth, where I could wax on about how lyrically the day flowed and how the contributors in the room engaged truly and deeply with the ease at which Julia seamlessly shared her extensive knowledge of how to access your Creative Writing juice, but instead, I will share with you a piece of streamed raw in the zone, initially scribbled in pencil, now deciphered, marginally edited, slightly punctuated and spell-checked, after Julia had deftly invited us into a meditation to inhabit our own personal Conscious Writing Sanctuary. A place to focus in and stream from authentic in-the-moment what ever it is – here is my first entry:

“Writing now next to the lake by the wisdom tree, I see a clearing and a clarity reflected back to me in the swing of the wind and the sounds of the trees, rustling-like breeze and life within the branches. Life sits on these branches as varied birds, squirrels, bugs ivy and lichen – each a part of a symbiosis naturally attained by the unwritten but oh so well understood law of nature – abundance and clarity of there being enough for all, pecking orders for tea and cake – caffeine, gluten & dairy-free!

We can live in fields or in towns in different countries. Acknowledgement for the space for all beings to have a natural home and live in harmony together. Nature’s overriding gifts for humanity – often overlooked and judged as not as important as the attainment of worldly goods. Our habits for old patterns and this one is sick, old, sickness, entrophies and drops down to the earth to be transformed, new life is nourished and rebirth produces something more in alignment to what is in the order of Now. Species find rightful places with another, relinquishing and growing as is the customary expansion and contraction of the breath of life, the old making way for the new/Now.

The flexible sustaining for longer than the rigid – a tree is flexible in its stability of continually growing, branches reach into chi-full spaces in the air where birds can land, feed, build nests or just come and go calling a song to another. Do different genus birds understand another’s bird song?
Frequency of conscious habits resonate wholly and align fully. Sound vibrates harmoniously natural sound heralds and loves. The sounds of a rippling brook, a tumbling waterfall, a crackling fire, a swirly breeze all rustle up evocatively the image correlating to the sound, the sound of vision, the vision of the sound, the multi-dimensioning expression of elemental forces at play – in time, in space in Now.

It feels like anything could be introduced into this scene and find its place as long as there is respect for that which is and not an impulse to take over or take on – enough space and place for all – tolerance, consideration, surrender to the greater breath of life far soon from our scenic perspective. This way of being will roll out across all lands all seas, rivers, lakes, mountains, towns, villages – empty islands – over populated cities, each the pecking order will find its natural way from the connection to the ancient ways, the old directives we cannot usurp, they are the mainstay of existence Now.

Cosmic laws rock our soul, universal truths lodged in our hearts. Being breathing, with One, as One, the Cosmos smiles, we get it and the interspecies unification has a ground to be welcomed to, as we raise our awareness above the mundane. As above so below. The old toxic wrong ways will contract and die for they are built on no substance but thought, word and greed. Finite. The new is burgeoning through like a flower through the concrete. Expanding outwards and upwards sideways and all ways through all time and space dimensional realities.”

I had not read it back before this transcribe and am intrigued by what came through. Are you? Fascinated by how to tempt this unconscious flow, I’ll be back in for more in due course.

To be similarly invited and inspired into your space to flow, with suggestions as how to use said information to craft readable text, I can highly recommend Julia’s new book Conscious Writing. There’s a handy ‘Look Inside’ feature to get you going, right here and Now 🙂

Stars ~ not just for Christmas

Reconnection and recollection.

As you may know, I’ve been on a marathon de-clutter for the last 18 months, including giving up a permanent home until recently, which has given me many opportunities to choose whether I wish to keep saved items and believe me, it is a gradual yet mighty process. Yes some things had an ‘obvious to recycle’ label, others have taken time to process where they can be best placed – I am hugely against trashing useful items, however, re-homing them in more appropriate places is an art..
I have, over the years, carried around, amongst other things, bags of fabric and stars, storing them in a variety of dry places until a regrouping, more recently and deciding where can I best place theses little acts of love. Each star-birth felt like that, an act of love, I do still enjoy the buzz of birthing a new star and sending it off in the world to offer snuggles and comfort.

This weekend I took several bags of said stars on my travels to various friends places in Brighton and London – it felt like they wanted to be out in the world, not stuffed up in an old carrier bag in the back of a wardrobe. I asked the children to help me ‘sort them out’ ie: which ones would you like? .. Bearing in mind I was en route to a ‘Celebration of Love’ party, to which I wished to take a good selection to offer as tokens of starry-love. As the children were choosing their favourite stars to keep, I chose a collection of hand held lovelies who wanted to come along to the party to play.

Carrying them in a dusty pink straw basket-box, I headed over to E2 when after a few minutes of chatting and being with assembled love-fools, I began to offer the old stars, as new, in a lucky rummage dip! Whereupon the people enticed by such colour and sparkliness became engrossed in choosing and their childlike curiousity overcame them as they all connected with a particular star, that spoke to their heart, to squidge there and then, to later take home in their pockets – Star love, soul love.
There was a record player and many albums and yes I found Changes One – Bowie 🙂

Here’s to all of you for being the stars that you are, thank you for being part of my love weekend and also for the re-connections I made with good old friends I’d not seen for so long, but just like the stars, even though we hadn’t seen each other for a while, we knew we were there, back grounding our lives with friendly sparkle.

More information on how to get hold of Rainbow Apollo Stars is coming soon.

Here’s an excerpt from my currently being written book ‘Chi is Key’ with the story on how Apollo Stars birthed themselves into the world.

“Many moons ago in the last millenium, I made birthday stars for friends, with offcuts from the pattern cutting room floor. I had been a costume designer and producer for over a decade, playing with fabric for as long as I can remember, but had been rendered unable to work due to a punishing RSI tenosynovitis on both forearms. As a single mum, money was tight as I was wondering what on earth I could turn my dysfunctional hands to, to be of service in some way. After varied treatments of physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, Chi Kung and rest, I slowly began to regain moderate use of my arms. I wanted to re-create – do something.
Living close to my sons primary school, our home was often a place to gather kids & parents after school hours and lots of the kids would be intrigued with the plethora of colours and fabrics in our home – with us parents complaining about the lack of craft classes at the school. I wondered if I could be of assistance in that department?

So, I offered an opportunity to make and create with funky fabric pieces once a month on a Saturday afternoon. With 6-10 mid-aged children, cutting out, pinning, sewing, sticking, painting and dyeing a variety of pictures, cushions, bags, belts and T shirts. Thoroughly immersed in the joy of creating, a beautiful learning and a producing of something tangibly theirs to take away and share with their families. I love someone making me something, it is infused with their creative attention, now these gorgeous kids were getting a ton of that, to make, create, give and receive – heart chi in full rounded flow <3 One Saturday our theme was the underwater world, with inspiration coming in from octopuses, shoals of fish, jellyfish, sea horses and of course starfish. The latter proved tricky to produce precisely due to the exact geometry of their 5 points. This captured my interest and when they had gone home I began to draw up a design to see what a starfish made of funky fabric would look like. Very nice indeed! Where would this lead I wondered?. It was a friends birthday, so I tuned into which colours she liked and her star-sign, getting that as everybody is a star and is indeed made of stardust; this starry opportunity began to stir my imagination juices and I found a healthy flow in my creativity again that was not going to ache my arms. The rest, as they say, is history as 'Apollo Stars' were born, but it was to take several years of making birthday stars and a move from London to the New Forest to develop them into a workable product as wheatie bags with natural fragrances and offer a range of sizes from hand held to floor cushions.

Happy New Chi’er!

We are at a pivotal time on our planet, this festive season has had many of us questioning the old behaviours of Christmas’ past adopting a new view on how we can make a different for our future on our people troubled planet. One of the words of last year that came up time and again with the various erudite guests I had the honour of interviewing on Chi Time Radio, was interdependence – of course I love that the word dance is in on the end of that, as in true Taoist tradition the yin and yang are in a perpetual dance with one another through us. Back to interdependence with each of us being reliant on something or another – with others relying on us for similar, brings to question how we can be of true service to humanity at these changing times?

Obviously we need to be strong and healthy to be of service, to be able to rely on ourselves. An underpinning of robustness is required. We can access this in a number of ways, I am sure you know of a few, but how high up your list of priorities are you? Over 20 years ago now, I was a burned out single Mum of a spirited youngster and I felt aged – probably from years of living a rather rock and roll lifestyle coupled with my profession of being a costume designer. Long story short, I injured myself with tenosynovitis, or the inability to use my arms without it being incredibly painful. Has that ever happened to you? After the shock of losing my livelihood I looked at the situation as an opportunity to develop a log another line, and found Chi Kung, Reiki and Meditation. I have been teaching these supportive self practise for over 15 years now and would like to invite you to explore if you are interested…

Here is the beginning words of the current training page on this website;

‘Are you fascinated by natural energy and wonder how you can access unlimited supplies for your own needs and for friends, family or clients?
The practice of Chi Kung, with natural mindful movements, leading kindly into easier meditation, show you how you can deftly access these tried and tested methods, that will help you to gather unlimited resource to activate your near and far future with balance, clarity and grace. Chi Kung practice can be found at the roots of all true Martial Arts.
Come and have a go for yourself – words can only elude to a truer experience.

The first day of a new 4 month Foundation Course for Practitioner Training is also an OPEN DAY, to come and play!

Saturday 6th February 2016

9.30am – 5pm

Boldre Memorial Hall – New Forest

If you already work with energy, Chi Kung can offer you authentic techniques to clear any latent toxicity and activate meridian line flow. This enables an activation of energy centres and a gathering of nourishing Chi, making you a more effective practitioner of any of the Energy Medicine arts. Many people have observed that on finding Chi Kung it feels recognisable, like coming home to yourself more deeply. Some say it is like finding the missing pieces of jigsaw that fill their energetic picture of life. I would like to add a multidimensional aspect here too, Chi Kung helps to connect us with all our levels of conscious awareness with a smooth, reflective, considerate, nurturing kindness. That said, often old patterns come up for clearing and uncomfortable attitudes also; we trust the process, attempt to not get involved in the drama and apply compassion, clearing and yes more kindness, to any healing process.

Chi Kung gives you a stable foundation on the Earth and inner connection to Spirit which facilitates a safe arena for heart opening, attracting like-hearted people and accessing high vibration interdependence.

Chi Kung movements are not difficult, yes concentration is required to begin with, then as you get to know the mechanics, the repetition of the form allows a subtle sense of Chi to pervade, appearing in different ways and gifting you with some aha moments. The moves do help co-ordination and balance in the broadest sense and you are always encouraged to practice at a level and pace which suits you.

Chi Kung is not about what you look like whilst practicing, rather how it feels to be.

Try a whole day of immersing you in the power of your Chi!

See training page for more details or contact me via

Healing Weekend – Somerset


Elaine Fenton the superb heart centred event organiser has this to say about her awesome gathering of some of the key healing people in the South of the UK, and a few from up country!

‘The Healing Weekend has grown from a strong root, and with your love and support will continue to do so. Without you, it simply would not happen. We always say that this is the event which belongs to its people – and that it’s like a family coming together. This is what makes it unique and so special!

Now celebrating our 7th year, we look forward to our biggest and brightest event yet.

We have around 180 exhibitors, around 90 workshops and talks, daily music performances and demonstrations, evening shows, children’s activities, food and camping – hosted as always, by our partners Secret World Wildlife Rescue, whom we raise vital funds for each year.

So, see you all on July 10th, 11th and 12th 2015 for another amazing festival! Don’t forget, book you camping spaces early and keep checking the web site The Healing Weekend for updates and full event details.’

I am offering some Shamanic Qigong on the Sunday from 11.30-12 noon, just before Barbara Meiklejohn-Free take to the drums! I have only just applied for camping myself but there are other alternatives nearby…