Release and Restore ~ Water & Wood elements

19th November 2017 @ 9:45 am – 5:00 pm
The Natural Health Hub
87A High St
Lymington SO41 9AN
£55 in advance £60 on the door if space left..
Clara Apollo
07901 933779

Are you ready to CLEAR residual DEBRIS from all areas of your life?
It’s great to run a detox or go through mindful processes, but are there elements that keep swinging back?
Wanna get to grips with how to dislodge and flush them out for good?

Using Elemental Chi Kung/Qigong personal energy methods you can. Especially when we focus on the organs of detoxification, the liver, lungs, bowels and skin.

The Wood element supports liver function, the Metal element large intestine, lungs & skin.

In this one day workshop we will activate cleansing meridian pathways with specific movements to free stagnancy and activate the natural clearing your system is crying out for.

All composting down into dear Mother Earth, giving space for the new fresh chi to flow in. Highly activating!

As your body releases, so your MIND becomes CLEARER of chatter and befuddledness. MEDITATION is calmer, accessing your inner being RESTORES your mind to a sweeter perspective, ready for the next round of choices and decisions your outside world require of you.

Utterly essential IMHO for all ENERGY WORKERS, these methods have been held secret for too many years that now we can share, it is time to do so, safely and with self respect, so we step forward into a very new way of living sanely all together, on our planet called home.

Be GUIDED by an expert experienced practitioner;
Clara Apollo has been practicing Chi Kung/Qigong since the early 1990’s and has shared these energy methods with thousands of people since 1999 in a variety of class settings, from children to the elderly, energy workers to hairdressers, fitness bunnies and all in between.


The aim is to encourage a retreat vibe for you, a step into your true being as you leave the outside world and feel supported by the gorgeous energy of The Natural Health Hub. Re-find your steadier pace of contemplative exploration with similarly minded individuals.


If possible, try to have a quiet early night before, caffeine and meat-free plus an easy Monday after. If you can gift yourself any of these considerations, you will help the process of integration and increase your benefit from the training.

WEAR comfortable layered clothes and soft shoes.

Water, there is a refill facility – herb teas are provided
A yoga mat and cushion for meditation
Notepad & pen

“People love training with Clara, she deftly guides an ease of being and brings a profound shift of effective self-kinding awareness.”

£55 in advance
BOOKING is ESSENTIAL to ensure your place, please email to access the booking facility.

Just 8 places available.

Doors open 9.40am

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