Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it ~ Buddha

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on healing technique, for stress reduction and relaxation promoting true healing. Reiki can assist you to heal from a wide range of ailments; from stress related disorders like skin rashes and insomnia, to panic attacks and migraine headaches as well as pain relief. It is also helpful for people who have had emotional traumas, as it naturally balances the mind, body and spirit. Reiki uses specific hand positions on or above parts of the body that correspond to major organs, endocrine glands and energy centres. This method increases your healing potential, enhancing the immune system, clearing blockages, enabling health and vitality to return.

Reiki Training

Training yourself enables you to learn and practice Reiki healing safely and effectively for you and others. There are three levels of training and then the Master teacher training.

Reiki 1

The first level is an initiation into the Reiki healing energy system, primarily to treat yourself. This certificated course gives you time, space and guidance to learn about the history of Reiki, study Reiki principles, practice giving a basic treatment and receive healing. Experience powerful meditations enhancing your link to Reiki love and life force energy, establishing a real connection with the Earth and linking up your higher self. Learn useful Chi Kung techniques to assist your posture and freedom within joints to amplify your flow of Reiki.

Reiki 2

Training at this level can follow on from between 3 months to approximately a year later. Here you gain tools and techniques, via specific symbols and their innate meanings. Including the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distant healing symbol. Enhancing the effects of what you have already been practicing, these offer a whole new dimension to your healing abilities. Also included is the study of colour with the symbols and chakras. Chi Kung underpins the posture, promotes healthy exchange of old for new chi and increases your sensitivity on many levels. Meditation and visualizations support your integration of the information. Qualifying at this level would enable you to practice as a Reiki practitioner with the general public.

Reiki 3

Between 6 months to a year later, you may feel called to receive & work with the Master symbol. This enables a deeper connection with Reiki source, encouraging ancient patterns of disease and trauma to be unwound, released and healed. You will learn how to employ the Antakarana grid to power up distant healing work and investigate how to work with clearing old energy blocks or yourself & clients. Chi Kung & colour included. Advanced Reiki training To consider when you have successfully practiced Reiki treatments for over 6 months and gained enough experience to consider teaching others. This will bring you to the start of the Master chapter in your Reiki book of life & love. Trainings occur when enough people request them and are usually kept between 4 – 6 participants for Reiki 1 and 2 with less than that for further training which enables you to get what you require from the personal attention and content. Chi Kung and Meditation are always used to prepare for healing practice including how to stand correctly to channel energy comfortably. Colour information is used with regard to the chakras. See events page for next Reiki trainings.