• Stress release

  • Energy Management

  • Revitalisation

Chi Kung means ‘energy cultivation work’ and comprises a vast compendium of potent movement and mind exercises for balancing the system via healthy breathing, joint flexibility, toxin release and energy gathering. Originating in China the principles of Chi Kung are based around three major fields; Medicine, Martial arts and Meditation. The ancient protocols are steeped in eons of experience and yet are very relevant for today's lifestyle, with exercises that alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety that soothe the body and calm the mind. Postural awareness is a key component too, as is tuning in with the rhythm of the breath, still postures, mindful walking and seated meditations. These methods have their roots in the shamanic practice of natural movement, energy flow, intention, cultivation of chi, sounds and stillness, which all help the spirit connect with the everyday world, unconsciousness with conscious awareness.

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What Chi Kung Can Do For You

Regular Chi Kung and Meditation practice has a cumulative effect, giving relief from any current symptoms and helping to prevent many modern day ailments. With exercises to help shake out old patterns of stress and others to help unwind reoccurrent tensions, creating space for the cultivation and gathering of fresh vitality using easy to follow natural movement "forms" and mindful meditations. It's the exercise form that actually gives you energy!

Is now an opportune time for you to start a new practice of personal energy management?