Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy ~ Ken Cohen

Qigong Practitioner Training Course

Are YOU fascinated by your natural energy, Qi and how it ebbs and flows throughout your day and night?

Would you like to access unlimited supplies for yourself, friends, family and clients?

Over 3/4 of the population is energy starved, thirsty for that blast of vitality reminiscent of youth-full-ness. Qigong practice can re-activate that force within you with it’s natural & mindful movements, offering a more accessible meditation space.

This Taoist practice guides you into;

  • gathering infinite resource for healing into wholeness
  • activating your now moment, near and far future with balance, clarity and grace.

After just four exercises I felt as if I had got up from a massage treatment – EMILIA

Seminar One overview

  1. Wu Qi – Standing like a Mountain
  2. The Dantien – Your energy treasure
  3. Balancing – Inner and outer stillness and calm
  4. Central Channel Alignment

This introductory course encourages a inner connection with all aspects of you, often referred to as accessing elemental harmony, by incorporating Shamanic wisdom of the 5 elements Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Air.
Included are the primary teachings of how to stand on the Earth, breath comfortably, and move gracefully with your breathing rhythm, experience where your centre is, balance your system and run with the power of the central channels of Qi.

During this course, You will learn:

  • The foundations of Qigong excercise forms
  • How to harness Qi energy for your own and others
  • A broad understanding of the underlying mythology and principles behind Qigong and Tai Chi
  • Accompanying notes and practice videos will be provided
Upcoming practitioner training modules:

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Practicing qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best. ~Chunyi Lin

Course Requirements

A genuine interest in learning Chi Kung primarily for yourself, with good health and attitude to learning.
Previous experience is useful including similar disciplines like Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga, but not a necessity.
Students who wish to continue to Module 2 are requested that they establish a regular Qigong practice and keep a journal to record experiences, to present before each seminar.
Home study is assigned with each seminar, if you wish to continue training onto Module 2. This includes reading, research and some written work. It is a course requirement that this is completed on time, as it is designed to integrate material from the last seminar and prepare you for the next.
If you miss a seminar you would be asked to arrange to have private tuition before the next, at your own cost.
Safe practice is included throughout this training.

Reference Books:



Your Qigong class really resonated with me and I found myself practicing some of the movements afterwards.
I’ve been heavily into spiritual and intellectual self-improvement but have neglected the physical side, so it was a revelation,
especially as it made me feel so good
– Rob

I never intended to teach Qigong but as a Psychologist, Energy Therapist and Healer with a busy client base and
two young children to tend to, I was interested to really immerse myself in a form of exercise that would enable me to
take care of my body, mind and spirit, to learn in depth about Qigong practice and fill up my reservoir of inner resource
– Nikki

I have just been initiated in Reiki 1 and feel that what I’ve learned in Qigong about body energy is an essential
part of understanding the process of Reiki. Indeed, its like the missing piece of the puzzle

After just four exercises I felt as if I had got up from a massage treatment – EMILIA

I have been doing Qigong for a year and a half and have found that it has had a significant effect on lowering
my blood pressure levels, which I am on medication for. It has also helped bring a sense of calmness to what can
be a stressful time with three young children

My homeopath and acupuncturist recommended Qigong whilst I was recovering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica
– I continued with my recovery – the gentle movements were so encouraging as my movements gradually improved.
The class is very supportive and our teacher Clara is truly exceptional with her caring attitude and in depth support

I came to Qigong because of my back; to improve and keep mobility of my joints. I like the variety of exercises that help each part of the body.
One hears the use of the English language – which means you think, aiding concentration, balance and good breathing, all improving ones energy and vitality

Qigong gives us an awareness of what is going on in our bodies and empowers us to do something about it. It helps us to put the responsibility into our own hands – ANNE